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sig energy

ES-DY-13 can be applied in large, medium and small scenery storage power station, The BMS consist of; battery array unit (BAU), battery cluster unit (the BCU) and battery management unit (BMU), the triple management architecture.



1Application Scope Large, medium and small-scale energy storage power station
2External Communications equipment PCS, monitoring platform and so on
3Voltage Detection Single BMU voltage detection battery string: 16
Voltage detection range: 0 to 5 V (other voltages can be customized)
Voltage detection accuracy of ± 5mV
4Temperature DetectionSingle BMU temperature detection channels
Temperature sensing range of -40 °C to 125 °C
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 2 °C (-40 °C ~ 85 °C)
5Current DetectionCurrent ranges ± 1000A (Current sensor optional)
Current measurement accuracy of ± 1%
6BCU Module Control Signal OutputSeveral active output interface and passive output interface
7Refrigeration and Heating Output control signal
8Initiative BalanceBalance current: 2A, open 2-ways balance simultaneity
9CommunicationBAU: CAN (1-way), the RS485 (2-way), RS232 (1-way), Ethernet (2-way)
BCU: CAN (3-way), 485 (3-way)
BMU: CAN (1-way)
10Active Signal InputBCU: several ways active signal input
11Data DisplayBAU: connect touch screen through VGA
BCU: connect LCD screen through 485 BUS
BMU: connect host computer via the CAN
12SOC Estimation Error< 5%
13Failure AlarmBuzzer, LCD screen alert
14Data StorageThe BAU: ≥32GB (can be configured according to customer demand)
BCU: support 2~8G high- capacity SD data storage card
15Operation Voltage RangeBAU: 220V AC power
BCU and BMU 12V system: DC9~18V (excluding LCD screen)
BCU and BMU 24V system: DC18~32V (excluding LCD screen)
16 Operation tempreture rangeBAU: -20 ºC ~ 70 ºC
BCU: -30 ºC ~ 75 ºC
BMU: -30 ºC ~ 75 ºC
17Storage Temperature Range-40 ºC ~ 85 ºC


  • High-precision voltage, current, temperature information collection and battery status estimation, comprehensively control the battery information by digital method;
  • Use self-learning strategies and ampere-class lossless balance technology to ensure the consistency of the battery.
  • High-resolution thermal management functions can create the best operating temperature for the battery;
  • The intelligent interaction with PCS and monitoring platform can promote the automation of the storage industry;
  • The full range monitoring, control and maintenance technique will support the safe and sound operation of energy storage power plant.