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sig energy

The system has a high-precision voltage detector, current detection, temperature detection, SOC estimation algorithm, lossy balance, CAN BUS communication, RS485 communication, relay control, switch signal output, active signal input, etc.



1Voltage Detection Maximum strings support from the voltage detector: 25 * n (n ≤ 25, total pressure ≤ 1000V)
Voltage detection range: 0 to 5 V (other voltages can be customized)
Voltage detection accuracy of ± 5 mV
2Temperature DetectionTemperature detection maximum support 25 * n (n ≤ 25)
Temperature sensing range of -40 °C to 125 °C
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 1 °C (-30 °C ~ 75 °C)
3Current DetectionCurrent ranges ± 1000A (Current sensor optional)
Current measurement accuracy of ± 1%
4BCU Module Relay Control3-way active output interface, 1-way passive output interface
Rated load current ≤ 1.2A, peak current ≤ 4A
5BMU Module Relay Control2-way relay control, rated load current ≤ 1.2A peak current ≤ 4A
6Passive EquilibriumAt the same time, can open 2-way balance under certain conditions, and different balances are independent of each other, the maximum current 250mA
7Balanced Failure ProtectionEffective protection of the battery safety
8485 Communications3-way 485 communication interface
9BCU Module CAN Communications3-way CAN communication interface
10BMU Module CAN Communications1-way CAN communication interface, can be used for the communication between a separate case and charger
11Switching Signal Output4-way switch signal output, the maximum load current of 500mA
12Active Signal Input2-way active signal input, 9 ~ 36V
13Data DisplayLCD screen can be connected through the 485 BUS
Can connect the host computer via 485 or CAN
14BMU Module Smoke Status Detection1-way switch signal input, detect smoke sensor signals (smoke sensor should withstand current > 20mA)
15BMU Module Charging connection confirmationJudge Whether The Charger connected the hardware
16SOC Estimation Error< 5%
17SOH Estimation Error< 10%
18Failure AlarmBuzzer sound alarm
BMU module has a green LED to indicate power status
BMU module has 3 red LED lights to display the fault code
19BCU Module Data StorageSupport 2 ~ 8G high-capacity SD data storage card
20BMU Module Data StorageWhen independent case is charging, can store the fault status data
21DTU InterfaceReserved DTU Interface using 485 protocol
22System Power ConsumptionThe BCU: 3W, the BMU: 1.5W
23Operation Voltage Range12V system: DC9 ~ 18V (excluding LCD screen)
24V system: DC18 ~ 31V (excluding LCD screen)
24Operation Tempreture Range-30 ºC ~ 75 ºC
25Storage Temperature Range-40 ºC ~ 85 ºC


  • The system has high accuracy in voltage, current and temperature data collection;
  • The temperature detection and string numbers can have 1:1 high resolution;
  • The system designed smoke sensor signal detection interfaces to early warn potential risks of system and take preventive measures;
  • The system has charging connection confirmation interface, which can double confirm hardware and software and strengthen charging reliability;
  • The system adopts a double isolation design; each functional port is with protection, with high-security;
  • The system goes through EMC, high and low temperature, vibration, salt spray and other environmental testing, with strong reliability;
  • Efficient balance, one-way lossy balance maximum current can reach 250mA, and can open 2-way balance at the same time, a balance fail-safe function is designed to protect the battery Real-time display of system information via the LCD screen or PC;
  • Support 2 ~ 8G high-capacity data storage;
  • Reserved for the remote management interface, you can upload system date to server through a remote management module;
  • The system has multiple-way strong electrical control interface, isolate the control of weak and strong electric system, and improve effective immunity.