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sig energy

Measures 4 to 48 cell voltages in series
Measures 4 to 48 cell temperatures
12 – 200V Battery Packs
300mA Passive Cell Balancing
State of Charge, State of Health, Capacity, DC
Resistance calculations
Cell over voltage, under voltage, and high tempe







  • Measures 4 to 48 cell voltages in series
  • Measures 4 to 48 cell temperatures
  • 12 – 200V Battery Packs300mA Passive Cell Balancing
  • State of Charge, State of Health, Capacity, DCResistance calculations
  • Cell over voltage, under voltage, and highTemperature hardware interlock layerProtection
  • Isolated CAN and isolated RS-232
  • Additional Digital and an alogous I/O
  • Battery Relay and pre-charge controlCurrentSensor Monitoring
  • 12 – 24V Power Supply Input Fault Management and Diagnostics
  • Data Logging
  • Ultra Low Power Dissipation
  • Automotive Grade


The JTT S-Series Battery Management System (BMS) controllers are stand-alone Low Voltage Battery Control Systems. This all in one, single BMS controller can monitor battery packs up to 48 cells and 200V.

The S-Series controllers come in 4 different models: S1, S2, S3, and S4. The S1 can monitor 12 cells, S2 can monitor 24 cells, the S3 can monitor 36 cells, and the S4 can monitor 48 cells. Each bank of 12 cells monitors 12 cell voltages and 12 temperatures.

The S-Series balances the voltage and charge between all cells the battery pack by passive balancing. Energy is discharged from the highest charged cells in the pack, and thus maximizes the range of a battery pack and extends its life. The cell balancing is based on the amount of charge in each cell and not the cell voltage, and so balancing is active continuously during operation and not just during idle periods.

An intelligent software system runs more than 80 diagnostics at faster than 10 times a second, on both the cells and the entire battery pack. Most diagnostics are to ensure safe operation of the battery pack, and the rest are for monitoring battery performance and life.

Each S-Series controller communicates over isolated CAN bus and isolated RS-232 all battery fault conditions, cell status, and battery data to either a Display, Monitoring System, vehicle ECU or a Motor Controller depending on the end application.

In addition, the S-series controllers are equipped with 6 additional I/O signals. Four dedicated Digital I/O ports and two configurable ports that are Digital Outputs by default but can be choosed as an alogous Outputs if required. The 4Digital I/O can either control various system peripherals or receive system inputs. The an alogous Outs can be set to represent various battery parameter values.

The S-Series controller is designed to disconnect safety relays to isolate the battery in extreme operating conditions to ensure safe operation. The S-Series controller is compatible for all lithium cell chemistries such as LFP, NMC, LMO, LTO and all cell form factors such as pouch, cylindrical, or prismatic form.


  • Electric, Hyb, and Plug-In Hyb Vehicles
  • Industrial Battery Packs
  • Backup and Standby Battery Systems