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sig energy

Reference: YN.BMS EV-03

Data acquisition /calculation (monomer battery voltage/total voltage /temperature/ current/insulation /SOC estimation.
Communication function : CAN communication / Rs232 communication / R5485 communication
Status display function. failure classifying alarm


External dimension : 220x160x42mm
Supporting solution : with the driving and driven structure. each slave control box is configured flexibly for
detecting the voltage of 60 circuits to the maximum limit
Applicable battery scope : Lead-acid battery, nickel-hydrogen battery, lithium battery and other power
Operating voltage range (WDC) : 12V (9-18V), 24V (16-28V)
Operating temperature range (℃) : -40°C - 85°C
Maximum relative operating humidity : 90%

1. Basic function

  • Data acquisition /calculation (monomer battery voltage/ total voltage / temperature/ current/insulation / SOC estimation)

  • Communication function : CAN communication / Rs232 communication

  • Status display function. failure classifying alarm function, control function (charging, discharging, heating, and fan), multi-10 control/ PWM expansion, balancing function, etc

2. Technical Index

  • Voltage measuring accuracy : 0.5%

  • Temperature measuring range (℃) : 40°C- 125°C

  • Temperature measuring accuracy (℃) : 0.5

  • Current measuring accuracy : 0.5%

  • SOC measuring accuracy : 5%

  • Monomer voltage cycle detection period : 20ms

  • Maximum current sampling period : 10ms

  • Application range of vehicle model : pure electric vehicle. hybrid electric vehicle

  • Application example : 2T pure electric sanitation vehicle, pure electric sedan, hybrid electric coach