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Electric Vehicle

SigEnergy powers the automobile makers with our products and services including battery, battery management system, charger and etc. 

While pollution control is regulated at the international and national levels, each individual has a role to play on a daily basis nonetheless. The use of an electric car also allows to improve our quality of life and our health thanks to the absence of particle and CO2 emissions in the use phase, and the considerable noise reduction.

The low decibels emitted by electric vehicles compared to their thermal counterparts to which pedestrians are used, incites more vigilance and civic-mindedness amongst drivers.

Electric vehicles also encourage to revisit driving habits given their autonomy. They fit perfectly in car sharing systems and incite a preliminary reflection on their own uses to optimize their trips. Electric vehicles are an opportunity to change the mobility paradigm and start thinking in terms of services.

These vehicles are equipped with lithium electric batteries due to their lightness and effectiveness. Our wide range of cells allows us to meet to the needs of bus and electric car manufacturers.

We are already working with companies developing autonomous vehicles.